Jul 2023

JPM can supply API 610, ISO and ANSI centrifugal pumps and pump skids with ATEX Certification

Jun 2022

At the GE APAC Partners Summit Kuala Lumpur June 29, General Electric Gas Power handed us a Certificate of Quality in recognition of outstanding support as a Strategic Supplier Partner. Thanks to the JPM team!

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Oct 2021

MMHE awarded us a Certificate of Achievement for BEST OVERALL PERFORMANCE RATING in MMHE's FY2020 Vendors & Subcontractors Performance Assessment Programme.

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Sep 2021

The software of the test facility has been upgraded to comply with API610, 12th edition, which specifies 9 flow points to be measured/recorded.

The oil testbed is upgraded to 40 bar maximum pressure, from 20 bar before. This in order to test pumps JPM has on order for a power plant project in Bangladesh.

Oct 2020

Because of the travel restrictions during this Covid period, we have developed on-line streaming of the pump performance / FAT testing

Feb 2020

JPM can supply API 674 Plunger pumps and pump skids with ATEX certification.

Oct 2019

JPM has upgraded all their Sticks and TIG welding machines to Miller brand and employs now 2 Certified Welders.

Jul 2018

JPM obtained Manufacturing Licence from 31 July 2018.

Jan 2017

As of January, JPM has full video-conferencing facilities in the Seri Kembangan office, compatible with Webex, Polycom etc.

The test facility has been equipped with one more flow line with even lower capacity: we can measure with 0.5% accuracy flows down to 5 lts/hour. With this, JPM is now catered for testing /calibrating the full range of injection pumps.

Jan 2016

The test facility will be equipped with an additional flow line for accurate measurement of low flows for a.o. metering and plunger pumps. Diameter 1", flow range from 0.2 up to 18m³/hr

Dec 2015

2015 has been a record year for the company. The turnover peaked thanks to big valuable projects from Bumi Armada, Alstom, VME, Technip and Kencana. The projects carried low margin but with professional execution and good support from our suppliers, we managed.

2016 will be challenging, we decided to even further focus on our products: pumps and pump skids, by adopting a new logo, the pump symbol on engineers desk.

Oct 2014

Today we tested a medium voltage electric seawater lift pump: 4160 Volt, 60 Hz, 400 kW. The Flowserve/Pleuger brand pump was overhauled by our customer, tested afterwards at our workshop to ensure proper performance, and will be installed again on its platform in Myanmar waters.

Jul 2014

The company has one vacancy for an experienced project engineer.

Jun 2014

Fuel oil skids for Tanjung Bin Power Station, Malaysia. In June 2014, we shipped out 4 pump skids for Tanjung Bin Power Station. The skids are with API pumps, flow meters, strainers, piping & fittings, instrumentation, panels etc. The biggest skid measured 6 x 3 meter, with a weight of 10 ton. Johnson Pump has designed, engineered, fabricated and packaged now over 30 pump skids, for use in the oil & gas market and power generation market. Because all activities are done “under one roof”, the resulting prices are very competitive.

Jun 2013

The plunger pump range of Rodelta has been added to JP's product program. The pumps are according API 674 (ISO 13710) and have a capacity up to 110m²/hr, 1000 bar.

Apr 2013

JP has contracted the company EDMS Consultants Sdn Bhd to develop and install on Electronic Data Management System for the company. The system is to bring faster delivery of project documentation and will be operational by July 2013

Jan 2013

JP commissioned their 7.5 meter deep test pit for submersible and submerged pumps. With this addition we can cater for testing of VS1 and VS4 pumps with a shaft length up to 7 meter

Dec 2012

Vale (Malaysia) ordered a package of horizontal process pumps with JP and a package of vertical mixed flow pumps. The pumps are for Vale's iron ore distributors centre in Lumut, Malaysia

Sep 2012

Sapura Kencana, Malaysia's biggest off-shore contractor, has awarded JP with a water heater package for the Murphy Oil Platform. Delivery time is 5 months. The package consists of 2 water heaters, 2 vertical ANSI pumps, piping, instrument and panels, and one skid

Sep 2012

Launch of JP website!
This website replace our newsletters and will be updated every 3 months