Performance Testing of Pumps

JPM has the equipment to test pumps, being driven by the motor for the subject pump, or driven by a shop motor. A performance test ensures verification of the functioning of the pump, while running under load conditions. With the VSDS system, variable drive speeds can be managed, including 50 / 60 Hz.

Measuring instruments with digital displays are installed at the test facility.

A modern data acquisition system and process computer ensure accurate test results, without manual interference. Test results are computer generated within minutes after the test. Up to date calibrating records are held.

Testing is according API 610 or ISO 9906 for centrifugal pumps, and according EN 14343 or API 674/675 for positive displacement pumps.

Testing Capacities

Testing Medium Water Water Oil
Flowrate (m³/hr) 2500 450 250
Pressure (bar) 400 400 40
Power (kW) 220 220 220


Water Test Bed

• 2500 m³/hr
• 400 bar
• 220 kW, variable speed 50/60Hz





Water (Submersible) Test Bed

• 1200 m³/hr
• 400 bar
• 220 kW, variable speed 50/60Hz
• 7.5 m deep

Oil (Positive displacement) Test Bed

• 250 m³/hr
• 40 bar
• 220 kW, variable speed 50/60Hz
• 50-400 cP